Who Doesn't Love Friday?

Back...by popular demand! It's FUN FACT FRIDAY! I apologize for taking so long to get this out. I, like you, have been very busy. Also this year's reduction in my release time (from 70% down to 50%) has meant more time teaching and less time to manage our association (which includes putting out FFF's). I will do my best to get the FFF out twice a month. 

Hello Everyone!

September 22, 2016
As before, the document is in PDF format. It is meant to be zoomed in on and panned and scanned. It is not meant to be viewed in its totality at once, so don't even try...it'll make your eyes hurt. Take it one frame at a time. There are links throughout the document...see if you can find them all...or not. It's really all up to you. Enjoy and have a great weekend. Thanks everyone.