Executive Board 2017/18 and 2018/19

José Segura
At Large

1st VP
Kristen Lohr
Taylor School

2nd VP
Michael Schaefer
Fester Junior High

3rd VP
Marisa Philly
Battles Elementary

José Rodriguez
El Camino Junior High

Mark Jones
Fairlawn School


SMEEA Bylaws

SMEEA is affiliated with CTA at the state level, and NEA nationally. As a condition of our chartered association, we are required to maintain organizational bylaws. Our bylaws need to be reviewed and updated from time to time. Our organizational bylaws also need to adhere to the CTA and NEA rules governing the creation of bylaws and our bylaws need to be voted on by the general membership. Your executive board, along with our local CTA staff person, Andrew Oman, have revised SMEEA bylaws to comply with current CTA/NEA standards. 

Current SMEEA Bylaws
Adopted & Revised in 2015

This document is our newly adopted updated bylaws. All elements of this document meet the rules and standards for chartered organizations of CTA/NEA.




SMEEA Executive Board Schedules
2018 - 2019

See the schedule on our calendar page.

Print a copy for your fridge from this PDF version.

Executive Board Meetings are held on the 1st Monday of the month.

(Holidays may cause a change in schedule)